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If you’re looking for razzle-dazzle entertainment at your next event, CHICAGO is a sure thing!

Jazz up your next special event with Broadway's all-time killer hit, CHICAGO! Our "Cellophane Company" performs highlights from the stage production of the musical and is brought together on a customized basis for private hires, corporate functions and promotional events.


Our performances range from a 10-minute set consisting of 5 cast members and 4 musical numbers up to a 40-minute set with 16 cast members and 8 musical numbers. Fully staged and costumed numbers performed from the Broadway hit include:
  • “All That Jazz”
  • “When You're Good to Mama”
  • “All I Care About is Love”
  • “Both Reached for the Gun”
  • “My Own Best Friend”
  • “Hot Honey Rag”
  • “All That Jazz finale”
  • Bows


  • Backing Tracks
  • Sound requirements needed*
  • Recommended lighting plots*
  • Fully staged numbers direct from the Broadway production
  • Costumes and props provided to give you the look and feel of the Broadway show
* must be provided by organizer with our guidance


Costs vary depending on the length of the performance, the number of performers and the time requirements (e.g. number of rehearsals/travel days, etc.).

All budgets are considered on a case-by-case basis; you give us your budget and we can create an event that will feel like you are at the Broadway show.
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